You can buy our pipes either in our internet Shop or ask other internet retailers.

Our main world retailer and wholesaler is DAN PIPE at Hamburg. You can visit their website or some of their shops.

Czech internet retailers:


               Dymky online

               Baker Street

               Fortis DB

               Dymky - tabak - doutniky

               Dymky - doutniky - vino


If you want to keep your pipe in your hands before you can visit our local retailers during your stay at Czechia.

City                shop                street

                 Etrafika                 Blanická str.
                 Baker Street          OC Kotva
                 Sherlock holmes     Vodickova str.
                 Smoking land         Narodni boul.  or Kaprova str.

                 Raj kuraku             Americka ul.

Kutna Hora
                  Prodejna dymek a vina

Usti nad Labem
                  prodejna Sherlock Holmes

                  trafika U dymkare